These papers have not been peer reviewed and were written for the purposes of graduate school applications. If you'd like a copy please email me:
grace.e.bowen [at] gmail
A Developmental Study in Science Fiction Storytelling
Grace E. Bowen
This essay will follow a developmental analysis of the Blade Runner franchise with regard to the protagonist's understanding and practice of empathy, relationships with women, and a discussion of the relationship the protagonist has between himself and the ‘other’. The essay will then show how this progression in understanding of the protagonists, as well as creators, parallels trends in the popularity of a more equitable philosophy of storytelling within the Science Fiction genre through the middle of the 20th century until the present day.
An Analysis of The Chris Gethard Show’s Impact Bridging Liminal Spaces in Technology,
Aesthetics, and Philosophies
Grace E. Bowen
The Chris Gethard Show held its run on Manhattan Neighborhood Network from 2011 until 2015. During this time, the show inadvertently acted as a bridge, spanning eras between technologies, aesthetics, and philosophical paradigms. Through his commitment to honesty and integrity and eschewing postmodern cynicism, Chris Gethard created a community that existed in a safer space in comedy at a time when viewers felt lost in a sea of irony and looking for any shore of integrity.
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